A collection of Demi-fine elegant bohemian jewellery.


Feather and Chain is a British brand seamlessly bridging the gap between fine jewellery and high street jewellery by using

18kt Gold plating on 925 Sterling Silver and set with Semi-precious gemstones.

Our signature collection of seven unique pieces is strongly focused on our luxurious yet affordable body jewellery.





Having launched Feather and Chain in 2017 our love of sourcing beautiful jewellery from incredible designers around the world and bringing them to a the European market naturally developed into a desire to create our own unique collection . 


We noticed a gap in the European market for luxury Demi-fine body jewellery and an increase in year round travel with the rise of winter sun holidays and more accessible luxury travel.


It was during a trip to Bali that we truly became inspired and finally felt ready to design our first signature collection.

Hot humid days were spent exploring the splendour of the balinese temples, trekking through the breathtaking jungles and feasting on the local delights while evenings were spent excitedly sketching and designing beautiful jewellery pieces inspired by our days adventures and peaceful tranquil surroundings.

Feeling  inspired by it's beauty, culture and spirituality we wanted to capture a little of the essence and magic in our jewellery and made the decision to have our pieces manufactured in Bali. 


This signature collection is effortlessly wearable with swimwear, resort wear and day-to-day wear.

We believe jewellery is more than just an accessory, its an outlet for expression of individuality and personailty.